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t majica dtg tiskarski stroj t majica tiskalnik velikost a3 szie za prodajo

t majica dtg tiskarski stroj t majica tiskalnik velikost a3 szie za prodajo


Usage:Bill Printer, Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer, t shirt printer
Tip plošče: tiskalnik s ploščato ploščo
Tip: brizgalni tiskalnik
Pogoj: Novo
Samodejna stopnja: Samodejno
Product Name:t shirt printer
Ink colors (6 colors):cyan,magenta,yellow,black,light cyan,light magenta
Printing speed:A4 photo*111S
Printing resolution:5760*1440dpi
Height adjustment::automation
Printing interface::USB2.0
Warranty time::1 Year
Temperature Conditions:50-95℉
Print head Protection::Intelligent Self Protect System
Printing tech:Micro Piezo Technology
Zagotovljene poprodajne storitve: Podporna podpora tretjih oseb v tujini

We have the better quality UV Printer,Eco-solvent Printer and mini t shirt printer.It is can directly to printing on Pens,Phone case,Metal,Glass,the PVC,Wodd,Arcylic,On fabric etc...The printing with our printer is scratch-proof, water-proof and sunshine-proof.Our customer from more than 200 countries.

Why you choose us

1.What we provide to you?
We provide a high quality and very stable printing machine for you.After you buy this machine,we sure you can earn money profit with it,not waste money.

2.What you can do with this printer?
You can do customized case for Iphone,for Ipad,for Samsung ,for HTC.....And you can do color printing pic on other flat material,such as the leather,Plastic sheet,acrylic,wood,metal,glass,silicon.....This printer is best for digital color printing and customized printing.

3.What is the advantage of this printer compare to other supplier?Why your printer is better than other?
.Use high accuracy Drive Screw (Function):Precise transmission;Totally straight line motion.
.Use Dual Axis Guide Rail(Function):high accuracy straight line motion;Low noise
.Use Vibration Absorbing Coupling:shock absorber the flatbed move very stable
.Use Stepping Motor:Very accuracy fixed position
.Use Touch Screen:Easy to Operate
.Infraed Sensors:Feel the height the item automatically
.Very high printing resolution:5760dpi*1440dpi
.Output the image almost(100%) like the printing effect of the Original Epson printer
.Printing fast than other same format printer.
.Most important thing is that printer very stable and seldom arise issue.

4.What about the printing effect of this printer?
Perfect printing effect.Very high resolution,Anti-scratch,water proof.

5.How about the warranty for the printer?How long?
We warranty the printer for one year,except the nozzle.

6.What is the print head of this printer?And what type ink it use?
The printer use original print head for EPSON.It use Eco solvent ink for various material,water proof.

Tehnični parametri

Printer ModelEco-solvent Printer Epson R1390/R1800/R2000
Max Print Size33cm*45cm
Tehnologija tiskanjaadvanced MicroPiezo inkjet technology
Printer resolution5760*1440 dpi
VmesnikHitri USB 2.0
Min. Ink Droplet Size1,5 litrov litrov
Max Print Thickness18 cm
Nazivna napetostAC 110/220V
Nastavitev višineautomatically by height sensor
Hitrost tiskanjaas fast as 64sec for A4 size photo (according to the precision mode)
Operacijski sistemiWindows XP / ME / Vista / Win7 / MAC
Operating Temperature50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
JezikiEnglish and Chinese
Programska opremaPhotoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Our RIP Software
Free ProductsManual, Drive & Operation CD, Injectors, USB cable, Power Line

Prednosti izdelka

If you are a screen printer, Our Printer is perfect for short runs, full-color images on light and dark shirts, and samples for customers. You will take jobs you normally turned down. Even though the ink cost is higher than screen print inks, there are no separations, no films, no screens, no press setup and no mess.
Press a button and print any image the clients like on a shirt. If you are an embroider, Our printer is best for you, You don’t need to learn screen printing! If you are starting a business, there is less learning curve to this process or screen printing or embroidery. You will be printings shirts the same day you get your machine.

White ink circulation system
This is white ink circulation system technology to apply for the national patent certificate plante is as follows:
With the power under the condition of the shutdown , 4 hours at a time for 4 seconds white ink automatic cycle, can avoid precipitation and reduce plug nozzle and save ink, protect your shower nozzle, extend the life of the nozzle.

Why need to loop?
For white ink has a kind of titanium pigment material inside, this kind of material and stationery shop sells modified liquid is the same ingredients, ACTS as cover.But easy to plug, so modify fluid usually has a steel ball inside, to shake before use.

What is the difference of ordinary white ink circulation and Our Printer?
A,Ordinary white ink circulation, it is essentially in ink in the bottle stir , ink tube and ink sac is static, it is hard to preclude precipitation of the ink .(the following pictures show)

B,Only our printer white ink circulation, is a continuous process, from the ink bottle, ink tube, ink sac, ink pump is the complete cycle.(the following pictures show)
C,Pulanter white ink circulation, when the printer stop using, as long as you don't pull the power cord, four hours circulation one times ,white ink will return to the ink bottle, don't waste.

Our customer from

Africa :Nigeria ,Kenya ,Tanzania , Ghana ,Morocco ,Comoros , Ephiopia
Južna Amerika: Peru, Čile, Boliva, Kolumbija, Euador, Brazilija, Venezuela
North America :Mexico , Panama , Dominican Republic ,Guatemala Honduras
European :Poland ,France , Spain , Russia
Asia :Fiji , Iraq , Iran , Saudi Arabi ,UAE , Thainland ...


Naše storitve

1. One-year warranty time.
We can supply the after-sales by skype or MSN some online tools.you can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician.

2.Free exchange of new components
Our quality is guaranteed 100%,the spare parts can be replaced within one year free of charge includes tje air frieght by express,except for the print head and some damageable parts.

3.Free online consultation
The teachnician will keep online.No matter what kind of technical questions what you have,you would get a satisfy answer from our professional technician easily.