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2018 nov design vietnam a2 dtg plošča t-shirt tiskalnik za parrel tiskanje

2018 nov design vietnam a2 dtg plošča t-shirt tiskalnik za parrel tiskanje


Usage:Card Printer, Cloths Printer, T shirt printer, garment printer, textile printer
Tip plošče: tiskalnik s ploščato ploščo
Pogoj: Novo
Teža: 100 kg
Avtomatski razred: polavtomatski
Napetost: 220V / 110V
Tiskalna glava: tiskalna glava DX5 / DX7
Ink type:dye aublimation ink, water based pigment inks
Ink colors:Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White.
Max resolution:1440*1440dpi
Application:T-shirt printing, textile printing, garment printing,etc
printing size:420mm*900mm
Accessories for option:heat press, T-shirt frame, T-shirt inks, etc
Warranty:12 months
Delivery:7-10 days aftr deposit/payment
Payment method:T/T, West Union, Ali Trading Assurance, LC, etc.
Tip: Digitalni tiskalnik
Zagotovljene poprodajne storitve: Inženirji so na voljo za servisiranje strojev v tujini

T-shirt samples

This model A3 size flatbed T-shirt printer can print on both White and dark color T-shirts. It can print C,M,Y,K+WWWW color inks.

Printing process

For starting T-shirt printing business, you need the T-shirt printer, heat press machine, T-shirt tray and special textile inks for T-shirts.

1, The heat press machine is for treating the T-shirt or garment plain before printing. You just need to heat the T-shirt for 45s.

2, The T-shirt tray is for holding the T-shirt edges while printing.

3, The textile inks for T-shirts printing is water based type, it can be absorbed by the textile, so the prints will be washable and no ink fade. The print feels very soft and comfortable, though it's not as bright/glossy as heat tranfer prints.

4, More importantly, the special textile inks for T-shirt is no harm to body skins.


er ModelA2 ATZ-D4880T digital T-shirt flatbed printer
Način tiskanjaMicro Piezo Technology
Max Print Thickness13cm
Max flatbed size420mm * 900mm
Ločljivost tiskanja1440*1440 dpi
Kakovost tiskanjaTrue fotografska kakovost
Smer tiskanjaInteligentni dvosmerni način tiskanja
Hitrost tiskanja720 dpi  25 seconds/A4 size
1440 dpi  50 seconds/A4 sizes
2880 dpi  110 seconds/A4 sizes
Način tiskanjaContinuous Production
Max Media weight20 KGs NET.
Operacijski sistemWindows XP/ME/Vista/Win7/MAC
VmesnikDouble USB port
JezikiEnglish, Chinese
Barve črnilaDual C, M, Y, K / C, M, Y, K, W, W, W, W
Tip črnilaWater based ink for phone case direct printing
Črnilni sistemVgrajen CISS
Dobava črnila250 ml/bottle
Nastavitev višineSamodejno s senzorjem
Vožnja110 V/ 220 V
Power  consumption750 W/ Hour
Poraba črnila7  ML/SQM
Delovno okolje10-35 degrees
Programska opremaPhotoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, WER RIP
Package typeTimber Package with fumigation
Package size L*W*H1200mm*900mm*600mm
Neto teža80 KGs
Bruto teža100 KGs
Sistem za hranjenje medijevPriročnik
PakiranjeTimber with fumigation certificate.
Special remarksCustomized service is available.

Printer users

Printer packing

The T-shirt printer is packed with standard exporting wood box.
And the packing size is 1.2m*0.9m*0.6m, 100KG.
This model T-shirt printer is fitable for delivery by both Ocean ships or Air cargo.


1. What materials we can print on ?
For cotton T-shirts, both White and Color T-shirts,Cotton bags,cotton cloth decorations and so on.

2. What's the production capacity / printing speed?
It takes about 60 sec.for printing A4 size in mass printing mode.And the printing resolution and speed is adjustable per your business requests.

3. How to move the machines?
T-shirt printers belong to precise instrument, when you move them, please turn off all power, remove the cartridges and waste cartridge, keep other parts on the printer, and handle with care, keep shaking and heavy goods away from the printer.

4. How to make 3D real vision?
Design the image file with 3D vision,and print with ATZ 3D printing technology.

5. How to maintain the print head?
Trun off power, move the printhead to the initial position, check if the printhead and cap top is in the same line.
Do one time cleaning action, and print the test status.
If above operation still can't solve this problem, then disassembly the printhead, cleaning the printhead manually or use cleaning machine to clean the printhead.
If the status keep the same after above all operations, pls do feel free to contact with our technician for helps.

6. How to maintain the printer if stop the printing for several days?
If you stop printing works for more than 3 days, you must cleaning out all ink in the printhead, otherwise, the ink will be dry because the solvent volatilization, even cause irreversible damage for the nozzles of the printhead. Following is the solving methods:
6.1Turn off the power of the printer
6.2 Move the printhead to the cleaning position, put a corrosion resistant container below the printhead for filling the waste cleaning solution
6.3 Unplug the printhead from the ink damper, then using the special cleaning solution to cleaning the printhead by glass syringe, and do this some times, at last do not suction out all cleaning solution from the printhead, put enough cleaning solution in the inner of the pritnhead, because the printhead can keep the nozzles moisture.
Please put the printhead into the clean container and seal it.