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led uv ploščati tiskalnik za telefon primeru pvc kartice akril

neposredno tiskalnik za sublimacijo tkanine / stroj za tiskanje zastave EW160


Usage:Bill Printer, Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer, phonecase printer card printer CD/DVD printer bottle/cup printer
Tip plošče: tiskalnik s ploščato ploščo
Pogoj: Novo
Model Number:6090 uv printer
Teža: 200kg
Samodejna stopnja: Samodejno
Product name:6090 Flatbed UV Printer
Tip črnila: UV Curable Ink
Velikost tiskanja: 60 * 90cm
Hitrost tiskanja: A2 (1440dpi) / 120s
Print head:double dx10
Control Software:RIP, PHOTOPRINT,maintop
Cooling type:Water circulation
Print color:2*CMYK+WWWW
Ink system:Automatically Ink damper refill system
Tip: Digitalni tiskalnik
Zagotovljene poprodajne storitve: Podporna podpora tretjih oseb v tujini

Specifications for 6090 uv printer

UV Power
UV lamp life time
UV light wavelength
Light power
Cooling type
Water circulation
Cooling adjustment
Automatic on/off between 25-30c
Programska oprema za nadzor
Repeat printing precision
Overlap small than 0.1mm
Vodja vzdržuje
Head clean during/after printing, Keep-wet system when idle.
Črnilni sistem
Automatically Ink damper refill system
Maks. velikosti tiskanja
A2+: 600mm*900mm
Tiskalna glava
One or Double DX10 piezo head with 1440 nozzles
Print color
Smer tiskanja
Unidirection / Bidirection
Hitrost tiskanja
A2 (1440 dpi) / 120s
Max. media thickness
Max. media weight
15 kg
Max. printing resolution
2880DPI * 1440DPI * 720DPI * 360DPI
Ink volume
Tip črnila
UV environmentally ink
Nastavljiva višina
Zaščita tiskalne glave
Intellective automatic detect
USB2.0 /IEEE1394
System require
Windows XP / Vista/ Win7 / MAC I Linus
Working enviroment
25-30C, 50% Humidity, Dust free


Glavne značilnosti

. Head moves over print area - flatbed stays stationary.
. Built-in vacuum-bed holds lightweight products in place during printing. (option)
. Ink basket is conveniently located on top of the printer with white ink circle system and low ink level alert.
. The panel puts functions at your finger-tips including: manual flatbed height adjusts; auto-height adjust.
. Easy to operate, normal person can learn and use it professionally within 1-2 hours.
. Allows Inline Printing (white & color in the same pass)
. Allows different white color output, including background, edge and mirror (white lay down after color)
. Allows 3d texture effect printing and also embossing effect
. can print on almost all type of material, such as metal, glass, crystal, tile ceramic, acrylic,
phone case, PVC, PU, Leather, Silicone, wooden...
. Industry design, build with industry liner guider and servo motor, guaranty running smoothly, stable and fast speed.

Informacije o izdelku

Print on uneven surfaces.
there are many material is not totally perfect
flat surface, such as wood, frosted glass, leather etc.……
we designed hard inkjet for dx5/dx7 print head just like industry head, printing height can reach 2mm, but resolution is same.

Allows inline printing.
(white and color in the same pass).
white ink is important in the case of UV printing, speed and resolution also important, so we have idea to design the same pass for printing white and color together, to save time and get good resolution.

CISS Ink cartridge and white ink circle system.
The bulk continue ink system with low ink level alert, easy to know when will you fill the ink. We know the white ink is easy to precipitation, we plus white ink circle system let white ink always running, all of this make printer easy to print perfect w'hen few days stopped working.
Small character very sharp and clear

same as with traditional printing.
Mostly application is not for only imagine, character is very important content of performance, such as logo, warning and information, we can print very sharp and small character on many materials give user exquisite experience.

Industry designed with industry parts.
It use fiber cable for data transmission, three hiwin liner make the flatbed and carriage movement much more stable and high resolution, all aluminum base body make strong and light body, industry DC servo motor working time over 50000 hours, all of those design for large quantity and stable working.


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