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visoke hitrosti 3.2m tiskalnik topil, digitalni flex banner tiskarski stroj K3204I

visoke hitrosti 3.2m tiskalnik topil, digitalni flex banner tiskarski stroj K3204I


Uporaba: papir tiskalnik
Vrsta plošče: brizgalni tiskalnik
Tip: brizgalni tiskalnik
Pogoj: Novo
Model Number:TAIMES T5 large format printer
Samodejna stopnja: Samodejno
Dimensions(L*W*H):4.57 x 0.88 x 1.65(M)
Machine Type:TAIMES T5 large format printer
Print Width:3200mm(126 inch)
Media Transmission:Roll to Roll
Heating System:Four-heating:Before printing,printing,print post.Ink heating
Drying System:Infrared drying and fan air-dry
Media Type:paper/flex banner/vinyl etc
Zagotovljene poprodajne storitve: Inženirji so na voljo za servisiranje strojev v tujini

product: taimes t5 series solvent printer
model: t5-km512-42pl/14pl-8h
printing quality: 360dpi/720dpi
t5-km512-42pl-8h printing speed:
draft mode : 180x720dpi 2pass @ 80sqm/h
production mode: 240x720dpi 2pass @ 60sqm/h
quality mode : 240x1080dpi 3pass @ 40sqm/h
t5-km512-14pl-8h printing speed:
draft mode: 360x1080dpi 3pass @ 56sqm/h
production mode :360x1440dpi 4pass @ 42sqm/h
quality mode: 720x1440dpi 4pass @ 22sqm/h
machine dimension: l4,360x w790 x h1,170 mm; net weight: 420kgs (926lbs)
package dimension: l4,760 x w1000 x h1570 mm; gross weight: 560kgs (1,235lbs); four units(arm seperated) in one 20 feet container with 2000l taimes k42 inks
eight units(arm seperated) in one 40 feet container with 4000l taimes k42 inks

NO.1: The latest improvement point:
(1)New upgrade version tower shaped gear external fixator,One-batch forming, much higher resolution printing,Make sure the belt transport more stable, further optimize

(2) Professional design of the PVC color printing label. Clear labeling looks elegant and durable.

(3)Suction fan layer angle more large, can turn angle according to the material's angle, can put a large additional area of material under heating up and drying.

(4)The waste ink bottle with overflow alarm system

(5) In order to improve the anti-interference ability of machine, we upgrade to match it with anti-interference circular in 4 different place.

NO.2: TAIMES advanced innovation, R&D, excellent mechanical and electrical Control system.
(1) Optimize industry common standard T shape frame structure.

Machine Frames Process
Main bottom frame was wholly milled by German imported 6 meter planer type milling machine, which error is only less than 0.05mm. Double layer trusses welding, bending resistance is far more better than thin metal bending beam. Therefore, TAIMES printers are able to work more stable and long life than other machines.
(2)Powerful functions units, ensure machine output stably and effectively all the time

Konica Minolta certified and strongly recommended control system, develope printhead's best core performance while the boards are rarely fault.
(3) Teflon front ,middle, rear ,three sides of advanced surface treatment, high temperature resistance,

Corrosion resistance.Multiple 3 phases constant heating system promotes ink absorption of material, which makes printing clearer, dry faster and image stay for longer.


Največja širina tiskanja3200mm (10.5ft)
Ločljivost tiskanja360DPI (Physical)720DPI (Physical)
Model izdelkaT5-KM512/
Output (sqm/h)Print ModeOutput Speed (sqm/h)Print ModeOutput Speed (sqm/h)
180x720dpi 2pass4283360x360dpi 2pass2652
240x720dpi 2pass3366720x720dpi 2pass22.845.6
180x1080dpi 3pass2754360x1080dpi 3pass1734
240x1080dpi 3pass2142720x1440dpi 4pass11.322.6
180x720dpi 4pass2142720x1080dpi 6pass7.715.4
240x720dpi 4pass1733720x1440dpi 8pass5.711.4
ČrniloVrstaK42 Low Solvent InkK14 Eco Solvent Ink
Barva4 Colors( C , M , Y , K ) / 6 Colors(C , M, Y, K, LC, LM)
Zmogljivost5L Per Main Tank of Each Color
Sistem za dovajanje črnilaLow Ink Detector, Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
MedijiPremer3300mm (10.8ft)
VrstaVinyl,Flex,Polyester,Back-lit Film, Window Film,etc
Sistem samodejnega podajanja medijevEquipped (Max. Media Weight 120kg )
Sistem samodejnega čiščenjaPositive Pressure Cleaning Anti-clogged Flash Function & Capping System
Sistem predgrevanja in sušenjaEquipped (Drying System Optional)
Tiskalni vmesnikUSB2.0
Višina tiskalne glave2 to 4 mm Above Media Adjustable
Programska oprema RIPPhotoPRINT10.5 or Maintop V5.30
Vhodna močAC 220V ,50Hz
Operacijsko okoljeTemperature: 20~28℃ Humidity: 40%~60%
Dimenzija strojaL4,360x W790 x H1,170 mm; Net Weight: 420Kgs (926lbs)
Package DimensionL4,760 x W1000 x H1570mm; Gross Weight: 560Kgs (1,235lbs); Four units in one 20 feet container